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Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm a grandma!

Well...I could be! The gray one in the picture came from the same shelter as me and I had had babies when I arrived there and she's about half my age. She might be one of my babies. Isn't she beautiful?

Her people decided to take her to the shelter when she was about to have babies of her own. They left her tied up outside all the time and the neighbor's collie came visiting her when she was feeling very lonely. Could be lots of other boys came to visit her too--you get really lonely when you're in that special mood, and you're just sooo glad to see any boys who come visiting!

Anyway, a nice lady volunteered to take care of this gray one (she calls her Tiki, Mom said) while she had her babies so that she wouldn't have to have them in the shelter. When they're old enough, they'll go back to the shelter to find their own homes and Tiki will be up for adoption too. If anyone who's reading this might be interested, please contact Mom by writing a comment and she'll set you up!


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