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Saturday, October 01, 2005

What's up?

The lady went off and left me and the red furry one awhile back and was gone for two sleeps. She took the other gray one with her. SHE, the high-eared hussy, lorded it over both of us when she got back. She thinks she is such a queen! That's her in the picture.

The lady's been looking at me funny the past week. Sometimes she pets me and hugs me more than usual and tells me what a good dog I am. Tonight she told her friend that someone had e-mailed her about me. I think she would have said more but he just laughed at her and said, "She's not going anywhere. She's yours." The lady just shut up then because he laughed at her. I wish he had listened to her kindly because I would like to know why someone e-mailed her about me. What have I done? What did they say about me? Am I really a good dog? I'm not sure I know what a good dog is. Aren't all dogs good?

For that matter--what's e-mail? If it's about me I should know. The lady seemed happy about it sometimes and sad about it other times. How can I know how to feel if she can't make up her mind?


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