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Saturday, July 16, 2005

My Safe Spot

This is my safe spot. When I get scared or worried, I curl up here and try to blend in with the comforter. It doesn't usually work--the lady finds me and makes me do stuff. You know, like, go outside when it's raining--YUCK! I hate that! But she pitches a fit if I don't do it. As soon as I do what she wants, though, I run back to my safe spot.

See how much better my eyes are now days?


Blogger Timoteo said...

Hey Again, MJK!
Is this REALLY Tootles? Somehow I didn't even recognize her, or the comforter she's reclining on (so beautifully) either!
Hope all is well with you, with Tootles, and well with the whole gang too, for that matter!
Hugs from su mucho hugsman,
:) Timoteo :)

2:38 PM  

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