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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Hi. I'm Tootles. At least, I am now. This is me on April 7, 2005. I'd been used up and thrown away a few weeks earlier at the Zanesville, Ohio animal shelter. I was bone thin and my boobs were hanging halfway to the ground. I sure hope someone took care of my pups because I gave them everything I had and then the next thing I knew, there I was at the shelter, all alone. My people didn't even stay to make sure I was okay--just left me in the middle of the night.

The people who found me there in the morning didn't know my name and I couldn't tell them, so they gave me a number. I was number 2216. The lady who takes care of me now just called me 22 for short at first. But now she calls me Tootles.

My eyes were always sore and goopy because my eyelids were too long and rolled in so the fur side was rubbing against my eyeballs. Because I looked such a wreck, they thought I had to be an old dog, but you know what--I'm not. I mean, I'm no pup, but I'm not decrepit either. In fact, since I've had good food to eat for the past three months, and no little pups sucking on me, and a doctor fixed my eyes, I'm looking pretty darn good. Can't tell you how much better I feel, either! Wait till you see what I look like now--you'll see what I mean.


Blogger Timoteo said...

Hey MJK!
Now WHO could POSSIBLY ever turn down such a sweet (yet somewhat pathetic) face as poor, defenseless "Miss Two-Two's???"
Your intro just grabbed at my heart and almost made me sit down and cry, cry, cry! (But I love her already!)
Su mucho hugsman, :0) Timoteo

2:45 PM  

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