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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Recycling Day

Mom (the lady says I can call her Mom now) went off today like usual, but I forgot to poop when she let us out before she left. So there I was in my kennel, and I had to poop. I didn't want to make a mess in there, so I pushed the one wall out and let myself out into the bigger room. Ah! Sweet relief. Hmm, now here I am, loose. The red fuzzy one and the other gray one are still locked up, but they're watching me. Let me check out some of the stuff in this room. Mmm, a big bucket full of our dog food cans! YUM! Mom washes them out after she takes the food out, but they still smell good. I take a bunch of them out and chew on some and just toss the others around so the red one and the gray one will know I'm out and having fun and they're not.

Well, the other person got back before Mom, and put me back in my pen. She picked up my poop but didn't bother the cans. Guess she didn't mind them scattered all over the place. I waited in the pen for Mom to get home, since I didn't have to poop anymore. She didn't seem as happy to see me as usual, but you know, humans are moody. We stayed out in the kennel room a long time and Mom and the other gray one played some sort of silly game where the other gray one picked up the cans and brought them to Mom and she put them in a bag.

Once they finished their game we went into the house. The other person and the guy were there. They had been eating and I could smell good stuff on the white thing that's just above nose level, but every time I tried to push my nose up high enough to see what was up there, something would come flying at me! First a big bucket--then a cardboard box! It was so weird! I decided it was safer to stay away from the white thing even though it did smell good. I found a tasty piece of paper--Mom called it a paper towel when she took it away from me--and tried to eat that, but she didn't want me to for some reason. Like I say, humans--moody.

Anyway, Mom wasn't too happy with the other humans, either. See, she lets the other person's dogs out every day so they don't have to poop in their crates, and she thought that meant the other person would take care of me and the red one and the gray one the same way. But the other person didn't bother to let us out--she had to go someplace she called Samsclub--and that's how the whole thing started. So, when the other person called me Tutu--like when I first got here--Mom said, "Her name is Tootles. It hasn't been Tutu in months." The other person said, "Well, whatever. She's just a rescue dog." That hurt. But Mom came through. "She's MY dog," she said. If she'd been a dog she'd have growled it. I know that tone even in a human voice.

I'm her dog. :o))) She stuck up for me. I'm so happy.


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