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Saturday, November 11, 2006


We went some fun places before it got cold and the days got so short. First we got in the wheelie thing and waited just a little bit and then we got out and Mom turned us loose and we ran and ran and ran and played with other gray ones! The red fuzzy one really stood out. Everyone else looked like me and Queen Crystal. There was a pond and lots of good food smells but they kept the good stuff up above nose level, darn it. I got a few tastes of people food though. It was so good. I wish I was a people and could eat like them all the time. Don't get me wrong, I love my kibbles, but boy--people food! Yum!

Then, after a bunch more regular days, we got in the wheelie thing again and waited a little bit longer time and when we got out we were at this place where there were lots and lots of huge dogs with long legs, long tails, long noses, long fur--long everything! Really skinny, too. Some of them snarked at us but mostly they were okay. They had a great collection of bones that they didn't mind me chewing on. We stayed there two sleeps and then we got in the wheelie thing again and this time, we waited a long, long time. Mom let us out one time to pee and get a drink and then it was back in the wheelie thing and more waiting! Good thing I'm a good sleeper.

When we finally got out of the wheelie thing, we were at a new place with no other dogs. Mom took all of our stuff in one big room with a huge bed--enough for her and the three of us and then some! Here's a picture of us on the huge bed. We needed it after the next day, because she took us to a place she called Dog Mountain. I know what a dog is--that's me! I'm not sure what a mountain is but if it's this place, I like it. We got to run for a long time. The picture of me and the red fuzzy one is after we'd been running a long time. That's why we look sort of pooped. We were! But it sure was fun.

We slept hard on that huge bed that night. The red fuzzy one lost a lot of his fuzz because it got all tangled up with sticky things from the mountain and Mom had to pull them all out while he was trying to sleep. I'm sure glad I'm not fuzzy!

We went back to Dog Mountain another time and then there were lots of other dogs there and good people food smells and stuff like the other time before that I told you about, only the Queen and I were the only ones there that looked like us. There were all colors and sizes and furrinesses of dogs there and they were all running and jumping in the ponds and playing with each other and with the people. It was the most fun I've ever had! I never dreamed when I was in the shelter that dogs could have so much fun, or that there were so many people in the world who loved dogs so much.


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