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Friday, April 07, 2006

It's my First Gotcha Day!

Mom says since she doesn't know what day I was born, we'll celebrate my Gotcha Day instead of my birthday--and today's the day! One year ago today I was got by my current Mom. Some nice people took me out of the shelter and put me in a wheelie thing and we went a long ways. Then they stopped, and I got out of that wheelie thing and got put into another one with a strange lady and a strange gray one! The strange lady turned out to be Mom and the other gray one is, well, the other gray one. OK, her name is Crystal, but she thinks I should call her The Queen. Fat chance of that!

I'm the Weimie looking right at the camera in this picture. See what a big happy family I'm now part of? And that man is very generous about sharing--that's why we all gather around him when he's eating. We love it when he comes to visit!